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Secrets to Starting a Furniture Business AND How to Sell Your Work

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Secrets to Starting a Furniture Business 


How to Sell Your Work.

"You guys ARE the reason I’ve started my own woodworking business. I started exactly like you did, build furniture to furnish my own home. You guys pushed me over the edge to start selling furniture. Thank you for what you are doing."

-Jeff from YouTube

In these programs, we show you how to build your sales skills. From pricing your work to making that first sales call - it's all covered in great detail with examples and scripts for you to adapt to your business.

Highlights of what you will learn:

  1. Two different methods to price your work fairly and accurately
  2. How to estimate materials cost, labor cost, and margin
  3. What to do if you price something incorrectly
  4. Why friends and family are the best people to start selling to
  5. A proven method to keep sales from falling through mid-build
  6. How to guide a casual conversation from idea to closed sale
  7. How to deal with price objections

In these courses, we'll also cover how you can:

Set a goal for your business, establish credibility, build a website, flesh-out your portfolio, and discover the power of branding.

You will learn about customers, why people don't like buying furniture, why they run away from making decisions, and what people really want out of their furniture.

You'll learn the 3 secrets we wish we would have known about starting a furniture business as a side-hustle.

SECRET #1 - The Pyramid of Manufactured Goods

SECRET #2 - Why People Don't Buy Furniture

SECRET #3 - How to Get People to Buy YOUR Furniture

Have you seen enough to make a decision?

This is the best way to teach yourself sales. Trial and error are way too slow - you'll miss out on so much money.

There's even a money-back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose but your next sale.

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What's included?

21 Videos
3 Surveys
18 Texts