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This program is all about how to sell. Every business has a sales process (whether they know it or not). Being intentional about your sales process will ensure your customers are happy, you make a profit, and they keep coming back for more!

We teach you everything we've found to work in our furniture business. Even in a small town in North Dakota, we made over $10,000 in our first year - and we were still learning!

We cover the 5 steps of the sales process and how you can apply those techniques to your business. 

You can have fruitful conversations about budgets and prices with customers without being nervous. We'll give you ideas on what to say, and even show you LIVE sales calls we've made so you can see what we do.

If you're reading this, it means you're considering purchasing this program. We'd like to personally thank you for that and help you understand what to expect should you make a decision to buy.

We quit our full-time jobs in the military because we realized the potential in running a custom furniture business. After several years of learning how to build and sell for customers, we've narrowed down a business model which will produce a steady stream of business by building relationships with great clients.

We want to share our information with others so they can succeed, too. These programs go deeper and are more detailed than the information we publish on social media. 

We walk you through the theory, then give examples, stories, and practical action-steps to help you make the most out of your business. 

Whether it's a side-hustle or your full-time business, we know there's something worth learning in our programs. If you disagree, there's always a 100% money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose except your next sale!

- Jennie and Davis

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Course Curriculum

  • 01


    • Welcome

    • Before We Begin

    • Program Overview

  • 02


    • You're (Probably) Not Charging Enough

    • Pricing for Beginners

    • Pricing for Experienced Makers

    • Pricing for Mass Production

    • Pricing Notes

    • What Does This Look Like in Real Life?

    • What If I Price Something Wrong?

  • 03

    Our 5-Step Sales Process

    • 1. Prospecting

    • Where Do I Find Customers?

    • 2. The Proposal

    • Setting the Price

    • 3. Closing

    • It's Happening!

    • 4. Delivery

    • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    • 5. Follow-Up

    • Creating Repeat Customers

    • Two Types of Business Structure

  • 04

    Applying These Concepts

    • The Best Prospecting Tool We Have

    • Sales Call Intro

    • Live Sales Call 1

    • Sales Call #1 Notes

    • Live Sales Call 2

    • Sales Call #2 Notes

    • Example Script #1

    • Example Script #2

    • Example Script #3

  • 05

    Going Even Further

    • Common Issues and FAQs

    • Thank You!

  • 06

    Help Us Out?

    • Just One Favor

    • Program Feedback

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