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Please Read this Paragraph

We strive to provide the best experience possible for our customers and clients. Please understand that we can only provide that service if there is good communication between you and us. We promise to be prompt in our responses and completely honest with you.

Please contact us via Email ( if you need anything.

It's our hope that you will return the favor with quick, polite, and thorough communication!

Business Programs

Our business programs offer only one thing: our opinion. We are self-proclaimed business owners and entrepreneurs. We are not tax professionals, legal experts, doctors, or familiar with your business in any way. Every instruction, suggestion, plea, demand, or piece of advice shared in our Business Programs is only our opinion. It is your sole responsibility to seek help from the appropriate sources when starting or operating a business. We are not responsible for any loss of life, limb, eyesight, money, profits, tools, dreams, worldviews, or your mental and/or emotional well-being from following our opinions and advice.

A refund will be issued if a customer requests it; all you have to do is send us an Email. We'll refund your full purchase price if your refund request is made within 15 calendar days of your initial payment.

Distribution of Program material is strictly prohibited.

Coaching Products

Our most valuable resource as humans is our time. Our coaching products require a significant investment of time into each person. We do not give refunds for any Coaching Product, regardless of usage. Distribution of coaching material or session recordings is strictly prohibited.

Stud Stack

The Stud Stack is a private community of Makers who run businesses. The Stud Stack is hosted within a private Discord server (you need a private invitation to join). After initial sign-up, we will attempt contact with you via your PayPal Email address so that you can join the Discord server. We will follow up with you if you haven't joined the Discord server within 7 days of starting your subscription. We will not contact you again - you have been given 14 days to join the group. If you miss both of the invitations, simply contact us and we'll get you into the group ASAP!

The Stud Stack membership is a recurring monthly subscription for access to a group of self-proclaimed business owners. Since the Stud Stack is not a physical product, but rather access to a community with additional benefits, we are unable to offer refunds if you have had access to joining the group. Additionally, there are no pro-rated refunds for partial months of membership after a request for cancellation. You will remain in the Stud Stack until the end of the month in which you cancel your subscription, then your access will be revoked.

If you wish to cancel your Stud Stack membership, you can cancel the subscription any time via your PayPal account. If you need help with this, you can Email us and we will send you detailed instructions on how to accomplish this. Cancellation is your responsibility, not ours.

Members of the Stud Stack will maintain behavior which is motivating to others. If any member of the Stud Stack (at the sole discretion of agents of Jennie and Davis) behaves in a manner that is rude, disrespectful, or otherwise undesirable, they will be removed from the Stud Stack immediately. Group rules can be found within the group, but will be provided upon request via Email. Use of the group implies consent to the rules listed here, as well as the internal rules and guidelines found in the group.

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